Alec Whitby – Photographer & Director

I truly believe that I have the best job in the world…

My love for horses and photography both started with early experiences. My parents owned a competition yard in the Midlands and I studied photography as an extension to my art classes while at school. I have kept & trained several horses, as well as being a Master Farrier specialising in corrective shoeing for over 20 years. While doing so, photography was primarily a hobby; where I practiced old-fashioned dark room skills in a spare room and learned digital enhancement techniques on a very early version of Photoshop.

I turned professional in 2001, in the early days of the digital revolution, with my first DSLR (when most photographers were still using film). After years of portrait, wedding and event photography (I'm especially proud of being the official photographer to Guards Polo Club and their Yearbook for 9 years) I combined both skill sets to produce Fashion & Horses Photo Shoots in 2007.

As you can see in my portfolio, I like monochrome and toned images that show a strong horse & owner connection, and powerful colour images with dramatic skies for atmosphere and depth. I feel that as my style has evolved, the digital enhancements are enriched with a hint of nostalgia after the dramatic Black & White images from the old darkroom days.

Although these shoots are now quite popular, I found it difficult to persuade people to take part when I first started them; when asked, most people said "why would you want to wear a dress with a horse for a photograph.” Prior to this, pictures of girls wearing dresses were normally only ever seen in fashion magazines (which is where I got my inspiration from); however, it is now my main type of shoot and they just keep on getting better.

Make-up Artists / Hair Stylists

My team of professional, highly experienced, make-up artists and hair stylists are always delighted to work their magic on a Centaur Fashion Photoshoot. With a wealth of experience in fashion and commercial photography, they happily share the tips of the trade and will work with your personal style. I have makeup artists that can style hair, but if you really want something special then I can provide a hair salon professional for that something extra special. So, whether you would like to look like a top model or just you on a good day, the choice is yours...