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    • Scroll down to the list below and click on a shoot type (right hand column is the approximate duration), this will give a description and a list of available dates. Dates and time slots vary according to shoot type. They are also flexible, so just pick one that is close to your best time and let me know. You can use the search box in 'available' view or click on 'month' and 'week' view to scroll through looking for speckled off-white boxes.
    • Create an account / sign in, find an available appointment and click on it; then provide your contact details and the address where we will meet (preferably with a postcode and / or directions).
    • There is a £25 deposit required unless you have a valid voucher reference.
    • An automatic confirmation email is sent instantly; if you don't receive it and it isn't in your spam folder, you may not have followed all the steps and placed the booking.
    • Please read in conjunction with 'to book a shoot' (above). Sunset shoots are the last slot of the day from 1st September to 14th April, this is an additional 30 - 60 minutes after a normal shoot. There is no extra charge and we can start a little later if you prefer, but please allow for extra time to get the sunset. Good sunsets are weather dependant, they are best with some cloud, and we need good views of the setting sun (not so good in valleys and small fields surrounded by high trees).
    • Appointments can be changed up to 5 days beforedue date, but please consider others and change it as soon as you know you need to.
    • Sign in, click agenda, then the edit icon to the right of the listing. Alternatively find your appointment in the month or week view and click on it (in blue).
    • You can change the shoot type, date and time slot (so adding a friend is easily done).
    • If you are changing the date, itíll be easier to find an available time slot you want before attempting to change your existing appointment. But you can either create a new appointment and then delete the old or simply change the date in the old one.
    • Any problems just send me an email via the contact page or call the studio.
    • Showers with broken cloud make dramatic backdrops, but persistent rain damages equipment and is not much fun for anyone. So, I will postpone if appropriate (without a fee).
    • You can change your appointment as many times as you like up to five days before, less than that and there is a £25 cancellation / rebooking fee.