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Gift Certificates

These are a very flexible gift, for any amount between £25 & £750, that can be used against any cost combination of shoots, printed products and digital files. Think of them as a Gift Voucher and Gift Registry combined (see below).

These are a virtual certificate, i.e. they are delivered by email, but you can choose to send them to the recipient (ideal if your are miles away and want it delivered today) or yourself (print at home and hand over in person).

The email will be automatically generated from your entry and sent immediately. So, for best results:

  • Enter the recipients email if you want them to have it straight away, or enter your email if you want to self print and give it in person.
  • Enter the name of the recipient as it is to be printed on the certificate (including capitals). This will appear below the title "Gift Certificate" and "for £[amount]".
  • Anything entered in the message box will be included just below their name.
  • Your name will then be displayed below the message as "from [from name].
  • See Prices for a better guide to appropriate amounts for shoots and products, but as rough a guide:
    £25 will be enough for a deposit on a shoot.
    £75 will cover the cost of a local shoot.
    £175 will cover the cost of a local shoot with
    a makeover or
    a large Fine Art Print or
    travel up to 350 miles (round trip).
    £375 will cover all of the above (or extra prints).
    £750 will cover the cost of a local shoot and
    a large collection of printed products or
    a mix of prints and digital files or
    a large digital collection or
    an Album.


Other gifting options include:

Gift Vouchers (in a gift box)

*most popular*

If you are just buying a shoot as a gift, these vouchers are personalised and presented with a brochure about our shoots. They are best purchased in advance so that they can be given in person on that special occasion!
Go to Gift Vouchers

Gift Registry (just for post shoot products)

Do you know someone who has had a shoot and you would like to contribute to their order? This is great way for a group of friends & family to pool money into one account for the gift receiver to spend on whichever package they like best.
Go to Gift Registry

NB: All gift options are valid for 12 months so can be used in any season.

Amount (25 - 750)
Recipients e-mail
Recipients name
From e-mail
From name